Visit the Convent of San Benito de Alcántara

Visit the Convent of San Benito de Alcántara

Crossing the Roman Bridge next to the confluence of the Tajo and Alagón rivers, you reach the Extremaduran city of Alcántara. This population shows the visitor its treasures of several centuries of history. Romans, Arabs, knights, religious and military of the Modern Age, have given us a unique legacy, which highlights the Convent of San Benito.

Visita Guiada Convento de Alcántara

The Convent of Renaissance style with a Gothic cloister and three naves with plateresque decoration, was restored by Iberdrola in the 60s. Today, there are frequent cultural activities such as English courses for students and teachers of the community seminars, awards ceremony , musical meetings or the annual Classic Theater Festival, among others. The Convent also has an interesting exhibition on the Cavalry Orders.

The Iberdrola Foundation invites all residents and tourists to visit the Convent of San Benito de Alcántara. To know in detail this monument and its more than five centuries of history, guided tours are organized free of charge upon request at the telephone number +34 927 390 081 or at

Consult the schedule of visits to the Convent [PDF].

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