Participate in Employability Activation Hubs

Free career guidance program that promotes insertion through innovative techniques in employability and the latest trends in the current labor market:

  • Receive advice for an effective job search
  • Enhance your professional profile to access emerging positions
  • Improve your digital skills

You will access group sessions with more unemployed people like you and receive continuous advice from specialists, who will guide you to boost your future career.

Employability Activation Hubs follows the philosophy of the “Solidarity Employment and Entrepreneurship Launchers” program, with more than ten years of experience.

We carry out employability programs continuously in different autonomous communities, maintaining the basic principles of solidarity, diversity and visibility, to break the stigma of unemployment.

Learn new employment techniques

People who participate in the employability program:

  • They learn techniques to reactivate their job search and discover new job opportunities.
  • They update their digital skills to modernize their resume or contact companies.
  • They have the guidance of mental health professionals to manage stress in the face of unemployment or face job interviews and pass them successfully.
  • They are on top of trends in today’s job market, with new positions emerging in the green sector.
  • They work as a team, in solidarity, to promote their professional future.

Our centers

Discover our employability centers that we develop in different autonomous communities:

  • Castilla la Mancha
  • Valencian Community
  • Galicia

We will soon announce new Hub Centers in Spain.