Fundación Iberdrola España launches its Social Program 2022 to promote the development and social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups

Fundación Iberdrola España launches its Social Program 2022 to promote the development and social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups

  • It renews its commitment to initiatives that promote the development of these groups, prioritizing children, youth and support for women.
  • An evaluation committee will select around 30 projects in October, which will be implemented throughout 2022.

Fundación Iberdrola España launches the call for its Social Program 2022, which aims to help build a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable society, committed to the most vulnerable people.

In this new edition, social entities are invited to submit proposals that contribute to reducing inequalities and help promote future opportunities for groups at risk of social exclusion, paying special attention to children, youth and women. Through an evaluation committee, Fundación Iberdrola España will select around 30 projects aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

In this regard, the 2022 Social Program prioritizes four specific lines of work for this call. The first focuses on projects aimed at child poverty and social exclusion, which support low-income households to cover basic aspects of daily life, and those that develop initiatives that promote education to mitigate the most harmful effects derived from inherited poverty.

The second line of work focuses on social inclusion projects for people with disabilities, supporting these children and young people and the occupational centers they attend by offering them a space in which to develop their skills.

The third line addresses health and welfare projects, which accompany vulnerable children and young people with serious illnesses and their families, as well as initiatives aimed at the prevention and/or treatment of people affected by various addictions.

The fourth and last line of work focuses on supporting women who suffer or have been victims of harassment and gender-based violence, seeking to foster their self-esteem and personal autonomy by offering them a series of opportunities that promote, in turn, gender equality.

Applicant entities may submit their proposals until June 28, through a form available on the foundation’s website (, where they can also consult the terms and conditions of the call for proposals. The call is expected to be resolved in October and the projects can be executed during the 12 months of 2022.

Promotion of more than 441 projects in collaboration with a hundred social entities.

Iberdrola, through the Social Program of its Foundation in Spain, has allocated more than 11 million euros to social initiatives in the country and helped a total of 414,546 people. Since the launch of this Plan in 2010, the company has promoted more than 441 projects in collaboration with more than one hundred social entities, contributing to the fight against child poverty, school support and the social integration of children, young people and women in vulnerable situations. The Social Program has enabled the creation of 1,630 jobs and the participation of 7,648 volunteers.

Fundación Iberdrola España also focuses its activities on its scholarship program in the fields of energy, biodiversity and environment and research, as well as in the cultural field, focusing on the restoration and maintenance of the cultural and artistic riches of the Iberian Peninsula’s heritage.