• This work of restoration and installation of the altarpiece in the central nave of the parish will involve an investment of 44,700 euros, which will be financed by the Iberdrola España Foundation.
  • The agreement was signed today by the Diocesan Administrator and Vicar General, Diego Zambrano, the Diocesan Bursar, Ginés Rubio and the director of the Iberdrola España Foundation, Ramón Castresana.

Ceclavín, Cáceres. Iberdrola has today signed an agreement worth 44,700 euros to carry out a complete restoration project of the altarpiece of San Antonio de Padua in the parish church of Ceclavín (Cáceres).

The agreement was signed this morning in this Cáceres municipality by the Diocesan Administrator and Vicar General of the parish church of Ceclavín, Diego Zambrano; the Diocesan Bursar of this church, Ginés Rubio, and the director of the Iberdrola España Foundation, Ramón Castresana.

The event was also attended by the president of the Iberdrola España Foundation, Fernando García, the mayoress of Ceclavín, Inmaculada Lucas, the parish priest of the parish church of Ceclavín, Mario Javier Méndez, and the Iberdrola head of Promotion of the ‘Ceclavín Photovoltaic Power Station’, Óscar Vila.

This restoration project will improve the conservation and enhancement of the altarpiece of San Antonio de Padua, which is currently being dismantled and stored in the parish premises, to be placed once again in the central nave. The restoration work also includes the treatment of the images of the Holy Trinity, Saint John the Baptist and the Virgin of the Remedies.

The pathologies of this altarpiece are very diverse, all of them caused mainly by the passage of time and neglect, together with the lack of maintenance of the buildings in which they were located, where humidity and sudden seasonal temperature changes have contributed to the deterioration.

The restoration will consist, among other actions, of a mechanical cleaning of the organic remains and accumulated dirt, fixing of the pictorial layer, treatment against xylophagous insects, structural carpentry and restoration of the altarpiece.

The restoration of the San Antonio de Padua Altarpiece is yet another example of Iberdrola’s commitment to Extremadura and its ongoing aim to promote the social value of culture and the conservation of the region’s historical and artistic heritage.

The Church of Nuestra Señora del Olmo

The church of Nuestra Señora del Olmo, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1982, is a stone building with a nave covered with star-shaped ribbed vaults, a massive tower attached to the presbytery and a choir at the base. It is a building in which Gothic forms coexist with Renaissance and Baroque elements.

Fundación Iberdrola with culture

Fundación Iberdrola carries out interventions in artistic monuments and unique buildings to install or improve indoor and/or outdoor lighting in order to contribute to the enhancement of historical and artistic heritage and to improve the energy efficiency of these systems.

Since 2010, Fundación Iberdrola España has also been carrying out an ambitious project for the restoration and maintenance of Romanesque art monuments in Spain and Portugal, the Atlantic Romanesque Plan, a cross-border cooperation project developed together with the Portuguese State Secretariat for Culture and the Regional Government of Castilla y León, the second phase of which is progressing well, promoting the sustainable socio-economic growth of the territory, based on its own resources: the people who live there, its natural environment and its cultural heritage.