Iberdrola, through its Foundation in Spain, donates one million euros for victims of the war in Ukraine

Iberdrola, through its Foundation in Spain, donates one million euros for victims of the war in Ukraine

  • The company signs agreements with the Spanish Committee of UNHCR and the Red Cross to manage these funds.
  • The money will be used for different programs to help people who have had to flee from Ukraine

Iberdrola, through its Foundation in Spain, maintains its support for the victims of the war in Ukraine and has just signed agreements with the Red Cross and the Spanish Committee of UNHCR to deliver 500,000 euros to each of these organizations working on various humanitarian aid programs.

Iberdrola announced this commitment during its participation in the event organized by Global Citizen through the Stand Up for Ukraine campaign, which has brought together activists and business leaders.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, have collaborated in the organization of this event to support those who have had to flee their homes in Ukraine.

Global Citizen advocates solidarity with communities around the world facing major challenges such as war, poverty, climate injustice and inequality.

Iberdrola’s agreement with the Spanish Committee of UNHCR contemplates that the €500,000 donated by Fundación Iberdrola España will be used for the humanitarian assistance that this organization provides to people displaced by the humanitarian emergency both within and outside the country, ensuring that all of them have asylum and find safe refuge in another country. UNHCR, with a total of more than 250 staff in Ukraine and neighboring countries, provides assistance and protection to displaced persons and offers long-term solutions in host communities. In addition, it has recently contributed an inter-agency shipment of more than 10 tons of humanitarian assistance and has opened numerous registration centers for cash assistance in neighboring countries.

The agreement signed with the Red Cross, for a further 500,000 euros, is aimed at supporting the 18 projects that the organization already has in place for the initial care and medium- to long-term social integration of Ukrainian refugees. In Spain, more than 37,000 people have already been assisted throughout the country in this first month of conflict, and nearly 11,000 have been housed in resources managed by the Organization. To make this possible, it has mobilized close to 3,000 volunteers who are involved in logistics, translation, covering basic needs, legal information and child care, among other tasks.


Iberdrola, at the beginning of the war, already made itself available to the Central Administration to collaborate in a coordinated manner in this humanitarian crisis. A first batch of 20 electric generators was sent to maintain the operation of special services such as hospitals, shelters or water treatment plants.

Also through its Volunteers for Ukraine program, the company’s employees donated eight tons of humanitarian material that were sent to various logistics centers in Poland for use by the Ukrainian authorities.

Iberdrola has made its Innovation and Training Campus in San Agustín de Guadalix available to the central government to teach Spanish to refugees, as well as skills to facilitate their adaptation and integration into the labor market, paying special attention to women and minors.