We celebrate World Down Syndrome Day!

We celebrate World Down Syndrome Day!

Emphasizing Iberdrola’s commitment to this group, Fundación Iberdrola España has invested, within its social action area, more than €300,000 in this group, benefiting more than 4,000 people.

From the foundation, we collaborate with organizations that help people with Down Syndrome, intending to raise awareness within society and highlighting the value of these people, as well as achieving a positive change in their lives. That’s why today, we want to make a special mention to these entities and disclose the great work behind all of them:

Amicos Association– Project: Work Inclusion Hub. The objective is to train young people at risk of social exclusion living in rural areas, especially those with intellectual disabilities or autism, through training programs adapted to the challenges presented by the rural territory.

Asido Cartagena Association– “Quiero Vivir Mi Propia Vida” (I Want to Live My Own Life): Learning Housing Project for Independent Living. The objective is for young people with disabilities to live together in the same home and develop their skills and acquire the necessary competencies to be able to function independently.

Aspace Cáceres Association– Project: “The keys to inclusion are written with ones and zeros.” The objective is that people with different degrees of disability can achieve their independence through training itineraries to be able to enter the labor market in rural areas.

Asprodema Association– “Tendiendo Puentes”: Support resource center project for the promotion of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The objective is to provide individual support to young people with disabilities, providing them with training tools adapted to them so that they can start their own life projects.

Down Asturias Association– Project: Training and labor integration. The objective is to facilitate the labor inclusion of people with Down Syndrome and/or intellectual disabilities in all areas of their lives, to improve their quality of life and that of their families.

Navarra Association in favor of persons with intellectual disabilities or developmental disorders and their families (ANFAS)- Project: Technological innovation and tools for the development of communication through the paradigm of assisted natural language and dynamic communicators in the early care service.

Sports Federation for People with Intellectual Disabilities of Castilla-La Mancha (FECAM)- Project: School for normalization through sports. The objective is to use sports as a vehicle for the integral development of people with disabilities, facilitate their social normalization processes and promote sports practice from an early age so that anyone who wants to participate in a sport has the opportunity to do so in optimal conditions.

Down Madrid Foundation– Project: Transforming the Tres Olivos occupational center towards new digital and social challenges from an integrated approach to sustainable development. The objective is that people of all ages with Down Syndrome can become involved as agents of change within their community environment.

Upacesur Foundation – Project: On-site, home-based and telematic assistance for children and young people with multiple disabilities in functional medical rehabilitation. The objective is to promote the development of physical, perceptual, cognitive, and communicative abilities derived from brain injuries, seeking to increase their functional autonomy through therapeutic intervention to enable these people to face new situations as they develop their skills.