Ampara Association

Ampara Association

  • Fundación Iberdrola España and the Ampara Association collaborate in the creation of the MALALA project
  • Thanks to the funding of €22,711.50 from the Foundation, 160 people will benefit from the project

The Ampara Association seeks to provide psycho-emotional support to inmates with children between 1 and 3 years of age. In Spain, by law, female inmates can live with their children until they are 3 years old in prisons. Generally, once they have served their sentence, their support network disappears, and they are left alone with children without any support.

MALALA Project:

By conducting various workshops (trips to the zoo, birthday parties, special outings…) the MALALA project seeks the proper development of the children and supports the possible reintegration of their mothers in the following ways:

  • Encourage the care of women and their children, developing women’s self-esteem and integral education, as well as all the necessary areas for the correct growth of their children.
  •  Seeing to it that minors have maximum contact with the outside world and with people outside the prison world, allowing female inmates to have spaces for themselves.
  • Developing the motor, sensory, cognitive, and language skills of the minors at each stage of their growth, fostering the mother-child bond.
  • Living positive, enriching, and fun experiences outside the prison environment.
  • Victoria Kent Social Insertion Center, in Delicias (Madrid), the former Yeserías prison. It is a center to reintegrate female inmates into society. In it, there are different units, such as the Mothers’ Unit, in which there are women in third grade who are being reconducted to freedom.

Thanks to the collaboration between the two entities, 160 mothers and their children will be able to share those three years in the most enriching way possible.