Asido Cartagena Association

Asido Cartagena Association

  • Fundación Iberdrola España and the Asido Cartagena Association have been collaborating since 2017 in the creation of the project “I want to live my own life: We are looking for an apartment.”
  • Thanks to the funding of €33,467 from the Foundation, the project will help 65 young people with disabilities.

The Asido Cartagena Association project provides a group of people with disabilities with shared housing so that they can gradually acquire the necessary skills to access adult life.


Through this housing, the entity seeks that the participants have the following results:

  • They can have independent living options from their family if they so choose, and not only as a resource when their parents are absent, or they have no other possible means.
  • Participate in the design of their housing and life project.
  • They can choose where to live in the near future and with whom.
  • With time, they can increase their independence and continue to evolve as people.
  • In addition, in this call Asido Cartagena has created two groups according to the level of independence of the participants:
  • Day group, without an overnight stay, are new to the program and require more learning time for the acquisition of skills.
  • The Overnight group, is the most veteran group who have already had the opportunity to live outside the family home and who now wish to continue with the experience.

The project “Quiero Vivir Mi Propia Vida: Buscamos Piso” will help 65 people over 18 years of age with a diagnosis of Down Syndrome or any other alteration involving intellectual disability. The challenge for these users is to be able to “live a life like everyone else’s“, and that includes being able to become independent from their families and try to lead an independent life. The participants will always be accompanied by a caregiver who will accompany them to help them in case of conflicts and seek solutions agreed with the rest of the cohabitants.