International Cooperation Programme

International Cooperation Programme

We cooperate with different international organisations to start up humanitarian action projects in underdeveloped and emerging countries.

Read on for details of the situation and progress made with our projects:

Electricity supply for a refugee camp in Ethiopia


We helped to install electrical cabling in the Adi-Harush refugee camp.

The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) has joined forces with Fundación Iberdrola España and other private electricity sector companies to create Shire Alliance, a public-private collaboration initiative. The purpose of this innovation platform is to supply the Adi-Harush refugee camp in northern Ethiopia with electricity.

Home to around 8,000 refugees, the Shire Alliance has upgraded and extended the electricity grid by making several improvements:

  • Installation of 4 km of public lighting equipped with 64 light points.
  • Indoor lighting in seven community kitchens.
  • Community kitchens, the primary school, the business centre and the women’s and girls’ health centre have been connected to the electricity supply.
  • Repairing and upgrading transformers.
  • Protective grounding conductors have been installed in 14 community services.

The efforts made include installing 4 km of public lighting.

In 2019, we are working with Save the Children to build a new refuge centre for children in the town of Nuadibú in north-eastern Mauritania. It is in a strategic position for both national and international migratory routes, particularly for boys and girls.

Vulnerable children in the migratory phenomenon

refuge-centre-minors-mauritania- international-cooperation-programme-fundacion-iberdrola-espana

Several types of migrant children find themselves in Nuadibú.

The personal circumstances of child migrants in Nuadibú are very diverse, and include:

  • Talibé children: entrusted to teachers who, rather than teaching them the Koran, force them to beg and make them victims of trafficking.
  • Domestic slave children.
  • Children who run away from home to escape from violence and poverty.
  • Children who want to go to Europe, but who are detained in Nuadibú.

The journey and the living conditions in this Mauritanian city make these youngsters even more vulnerable, exposing them to violence, abuse, exploitation and human trafficking.

Protect and care

This centre has two goals: shelter and protect endangered children picked up in the streets and, at the same time, help them to get an education and meet their basic needs.

refuge-centre-minors-mauritania- international-cooperation-programme-fundacion-iberdrola-espana-2

The new refuge for children in Nuadibú takes in vulnerable children and protects them from the dangers of living rough.

The current refuge, which has space for 40 children, is in a disgraceful condition. Mauritania’s Ministry of Social Affairs, Childhood, and the Family (MASEF) has asked the Delegation of the European Union to build a new refuge in Nauadibú, on land owned by the Ministry.

The first phase is already underway:

  • We are building and equipping a new refuge, where minors will be educated and taught to read and write, and which will have basic services such as washing facilities and a canteen, leisure activities and a place to rest for 100 highly vulnerable migrant children.
  • We will train staff at the centre to provide child protection services.
  • To meet their most urgent needs, we will set up an emergency fund for children cared for at the centre to provide them with food, clothing and medical care, according to their needs.
  • We will take action to raise awareness and show the positive impact of this project.

The second phase will consist of providing the new centre with energy solutions and Iberdrola volunteers will use their skills to install these resources.

The project is part of the European Union’s AFIA Programme, whose purpose is to protect children from trafficking and exploitation.