Alcándara-PH Salamanca Foundation

Alcándara-PH Salamanca Foundation

  • Fundación Iberdrola España and the Alcándara-PH Salamanca Foundation collaborate for the fifth consecutive year in the creation of the Timón Program
  • Thanks to the funding of 40,000 euros from Fundación Iberdrola España, 90 people will receive the necessary support to overcome their addictions

Fundación Iberdrola España and the Alcándara Foundation have been collaborating in the creation of this project since 2018. Its main objective is the acquisition and/or re-establishment of skills, attitudes, and values that allow the recovery of responsibilities and bonds of people suffering from dual pathologies associated with consumption, as well as people suffering from some kind of functional diversity derived or not from addiction.


The Timón Program is developed in the Therapeutic Community of “El Caminero” of PH-Salamanca on a residential basis and in the Day Center, on an outpatient basis. A specialized, specific, and individualized treatment is carried out to change harmful attitudes, through workshops for cognitive stimulation, social skills workshops, relapse prevention workshops, practical seminars, etc. As well as “projective” activities, some of them include the beneficiary’s family and relatives.

Throughout the treatment, different areas are addressed: coexistence, health and self-management, behavioral, affective, family, leisure and free time, etc.

The main objectives are:

  • To achieve abstinence from drugs.
  • To achieve medical stability in their associated psychiatric disorder.
  • To acquire healthy life habits.
  • To acquire behavioral habits for coexistence and social relations.
  • To achieve social and labor incorporation.

Thanks to the collaboration between the two entities, 90 people will obtain the necessary tools to take control of their lives.