Bizitegui Association

Bizitegui Association

  • Fundación Iberdrola España and the Biztegui Association are once again collaborating on the creation of a project of apartments for homeless women.
  • 30,000€ in funding from the Foundation will help provide housing for 19 women.

The Bizitegui Association and Fundación Iberdrola España are once again collaborating on the creation of the project. This year, in addition to obtaining another apartment for these homeless women, a hostel has also joined due to the increase in applicants in a state of extreme vulnerability.


With this project, the entity wants to ensure that the women have a decent place to live, which covers their basic needs, that they have the necessary support and accompaniment from the educational field, and acquire the necessary skills and performance to live autonomously. This process will be promoted through individual, group, and community activities.

The project has 12 places, distributed in 4 apartments and the hostel. Each woman will have a single room as a private space, as well as common spaces: living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

As for the operation of the apartments, the users have two social educators in the intervention process who will negotiate with them the individualized plan and will follow up on it. Likewise, they will accompany them in their process and will carry out the educational interventions in the housing, both in the morning and in the afternoon.


  • To condition the four residential units.
  • Hold weekly floor assemblies.
  • Maintain coordination with other resources, entities, and services that can be referents for the users.
  • Educational and participation spaces are available to the entity, or other entities, offering them activities according to their interests, needs, and availability.

Through this collaboration, 19 homeless women will obtain housing and support when they most need it.