Suspergintza Association

Suspergintza Association

  • Fundación Iberdrola España and the Suspergintza Association have been collaborating since 2019 in the creation of the digital management project on the road to autonomy, inclusion, and employment.
  • Thanks to the 19,565€ in funding from the Foundation, the project will help 75 women

The Suspergintza Association seeks to develop and provide training cycles for women at risk of exclusion to promote their autonomy in the use of ICTs in the Bizkaia area. To this end, the entity carries out a mapping of agents of interest and training around tools for digital management, which promote an active culture in the search for and development of job opportunities. Providing training around digital management with the public administration, allowing them greater autonomy and control of their digital becoming.


  • Development of the basic educational program, defining the needs of each user and the agents that will participate in the training cycles.
  • Afterward, contact will be made with the agents to jointly define the work agenda of the users.
  • Execution of the educational program.
  • Different communication networks will be established: Direct: with the participating women. Internal: for the coordination of the agents. External: to give visibility to the project.

The users will be 75 women at risk of social exclusion between 30 and 50 years of age from the Bizkaia area. The process will always be monitored and evaluated until the end of the project to ensure its proper implementation.