Frecuently Asked Questions

Frecuently Asked Questions

Who may apply for the Fundacion Iberdrola Research Grants?

Fundacion Iberdrola Research Grants’ are focussed to develop research studies within Spain and researchers must be Spanish.

The minimum qualification required is a Graduate Degree.

The documentation required has to be enclosed using the on-line form. At the end of the form you will find different parts where including each document.

You can modify your form using your ID card number, your password and the registration code you have received, but make sure you use upper and lower case letters. Once you have sent your application, you can correct any information although you must remember to SAVE the section you have changed and RE-SEND your application from the DOCUMENTS section.

The order in which to fill in the tabs is as follows:

  1. Personal details.
  2. Programme Information or Academic Qualifications or Work Experience.
  3. Documents.

In each section you will be given the option to save and continue until you have completed the form.

Once you have completed the form, your registration code will appear on the screen. This code will be sent by email and you can use it to process any changes before the call for application ends.

Fundación Iberdrola will publish the names of selected candidates in the call for Research Grants and will contact each one personally by telephone.

By submitting a qualified certificate if this language is not your native tongue. Certificates accepted are EOI, TOEIC, TOELF, IELTS, MCER and CAMBRIDGE, with minimum level of B2.

Applications from students who have not submitted the English certificate will be rejected during the screening process (a copy of the qualification must be enclosed in Document 10 of the Form).

The candidate must work out the equivalent grade.

No, the candidate submitting the application must have a Manager who leads his/her research work.

The responsibility of the principal investigator must be guaranteed by the Research Director and for the University or research centre where to develop.

The funds can be used for any purpose if it allows the research work for which they were granted to be carried out. Proof of the expense must be recorded under the selected research project.

The schedule must provide full details of the subsidised period.

The research grants that the Fundación Iberdrola awards are channelled through an acceptance letter with the University or Research Centre at which the Doctorate, Post-Doctorate or Research Project takes place. Payment is made to them which will decide how the funds are allocated in accordance with the detailed budget included in the application.

The original certificate will be sufficient.


All research projects must begin in September 2015.

The person who authorises the research work is the Chancellor, Vice-chancellor.