Association NORAY Proyecto Hombre Alicante Visit

Fundación Iberdrola España and NORAY Proyecto Hombre Alicante Foundation collaborate in 2023 on a project for the prevention and treatment of addictions in children and young people in Alicante On this occasion, Fundación Iberdrola España visited the facilities of the Noray PH Foundation's day center in Elche The Noray- [...]

Association NORAY Proyecto Hombre Alicante Visit2023-04-11T11:46:45+02:00

Gizakia association visit

Fundación Iberdrola España and Fundación Gizakia continue to collaborate in the project to develop training itineraries for women Thanks to the funding of €40,000 from Fundación Iberdrola España, 1,100 women will receive job training Fundación Iberdrola España and Fundación Gizakia collaborate since 2019 in the development of this project. This is [...]

Gizakia association visit2023-03-24T14:20:57+01:00

Bizitegui association visit

Fundación Iberdrola España and the Bizitegui Association collaborate once again on the project of apartments for homeless women 32,000 funding from Fundación Iberdrola España will help provide housing and educational support to 18 women With this project, the Bizitegui Association wants to ensure that women have a decent place to live, [...]

Bizitegui association visit2023-03-24T14:17:38+01:00

EDE Foundation, Suspergintza association visit

Fundación Iberdrola España and the Suspergintza Association continue to collaborate on a project in the digital area, on the road to autonomy, inclusion, and employment of women. In this project, the Suspergintza Association seeks to develop and provide training cycles for women at risk of exclusion, from 30 to over 65 [...]

EDE Foundation, Suspergintza association visit2023-03-24T14:18:06+01:00