EDE Foundation, Suspergintza association visit

EDE Foundation, Suspergintza association visit

Fundación Iberdrola España and the Suspergintza Association continue to collaborate on a project in the digital area, on the road to autonomy, inclusion, and employment of women.

In this project, the Suspergintza Association seeks to develop and provide training cycles for women at risk of exclusion, from 30 to over 65 years of age, to promote their autonomy in the use of ICT in the Bizkaia area. 

The entity carries out a mapping of local entities/agents and offers them the possibility of providing training to the groups with which they work, around tools for digital management, including the search and development of job opportunities and the realization of digital management with the public administration. 

Specifically, 4 modules will be taught in this call:

  • Digital self-defense
  • Public administration procedures
  • My cell phone as a tool
  • My Mobile: Third-Party Services

With Fundación Iberdrola’s contribution of more than 22,700 €, the project’s objective this year is to contact 10 entities and train around 100 users. Between 2 and 5 sessions are offered per organization, with 5 to 10 women participating in each session. In each case, we work with the digital tools (cell phone or Tablet, usually) of the participants in the course.

Visit the Azuleta center 

The Aluzeta center in Bilbao is one of the agents that is providing these training modules and during the visit we were able to meet some of the users of this project.

Meeting at the Azuleta center