Small format Sorolla

Small format Sorolla


The new exhibition entitled Chasing Impressions. Small Format Sorolla will be open to the public until 29 September.

Iberdrola, through its Foundation, is collaborating in a new exhibition entitled Chasing Impressions. Small Format Sorolla, which will be open to the public until 29 September.

Small-format paintings featuring estensive artistic expression. Joaquín Sorolla captured the ideas or impressions that came to him when outdoors by painting small-format oil paintings on board or cardboard. And it is these fleeting and almost instantaneous moments that are reflected in the exhibition Chasing Impressions. Small Format Sorolla. Of the 227 oil paintings on display, most belong to the Museum’s collection and 44 come from private collections, almost all unexhibited to date.

Sorolla painted almost 2,000 oil paintings with this format, which he called “sketches”, “stains” or “notes in colour”. They were initially considered unfinished works by the painter and not exhibited. But the artist’s creative freedom and originality was soon became apparant. He only took half an hour to make them and he kept them in his studio fastened with pins, covering entire walls.

“Sorolla had this ability to teach us to see and his gaze found the essence of whatever he wanted”, explained the painter’s great-granddaughter Blanca Pons-Sorolla, one of the exhibition’s three curators.

The exhibition at the Sorolla Museum is sponsored by Fundación Iberdrola España, one of whose main aims is to promote culture and, as it has been doing in its other collaborations, it will organise a private visit for Iberdrola employees before it ends.