Through an agreement with the Fundación Museo Naval

Through an agreement with the Fundación Museo Naval

Fundación IBERDROLA has embarked on a project to replace and upgrade the illumination of the Monumental Staircase of the headquarters of the Spanish Navy

  • The project encompasses the design and installation of new ornamental illumination that will not only highlight architectural features but will also improve the maintenance and energy efficiency of this important building

Madrid. The President of Fundación Iberdrola España, Fernando García, and the Admiral Director of the Institute of Naval History and Culture and vice-president of the Board of the Fundación Museo Naval, Juan Rodríguez Garat have signed an agreement whereby Fundación Iberdrola España will help to fund the design and installation of new ornamental lighting on the Monumental Staircase at the Headquarters of the Spanish Navy.

For this project work will be done on the entrance (Calle Montalbán) of this early 20th-century palace in the Paseo del Prado, which also houses the Naval Museum. A total of 50,000 euros will be invested in this work, scheduled for completion this December.

The new ornamental illumination, which will consist of over 30 LED lights to replace the old lamp bulbs, will emphasise the architectural and eclectic style of the interior of the palace, as well as highlighting the three flights and landing of the Monumental Staircase, a beige and brown Carrara marble structure, which is one of the most beautiful examples of Madrid’s architecture.

The purpose of the project – part of the Fundación Iberdrola’s Illumination Programme – underlines Iberdrola’s commitment to maintaining and promoting art and culture as well as driving innovation and respect for the environment. Under the agreement, Fundación Iberdrola will install state-of-the-art LED technology, reducing energy use and CO2 emissions and minimising maintenance tasks. The total power of the new lighting system will be only 2,500 watts, the equivalent of a household radiator.

Iberdrola, committed to society

Since its beginnings, Iberdrola has been committed to the energy, cultural and social development of the communities in which it operates. In this regard, Fundación Iberdrola España represents one more step in this commitment; through the development of initiatives to help improve people’s quality of life.

One of the Foundation’s main areas of activity focuses on the care, conservation and promotion of historic and artistic treasures. Since 2011, the investment assigned to the Lighting Programme has reached almost 3 million euros, and has resulted in improvements to around 40 monuments in Spain, including the Roman Bridge in Alcántara, Cáceres; the façade of the Congress of Deputies in Madrid; the Cathedral in Ávila and the interior of the New Cathedral in Salamanca.