Fundación Iberdrola España collaborates with the Down Galicia Federation for socio-labor integration

Fundación Iberdrola España collaborates with the Down Galicia Federation for socio-labor integration

  • Fundación Iberdrola España Social Program annually supports over 30 social entities
  • Down Galicia is in charge of developing this socio-labor integration project for people with different disabilities

Fundación Iberdrola España has visited the supported employment project, carried out by the Down Galicia Federation. A supported employment project for people with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities.

This morning, the visit was attended by Delmiro Prieto, president of the Down Galicia Foundation; Fernando García, president of the Fundación Iberdrola España, and Ramón Castresana, director of the Fundación Iberdrola España.

The supported employment project, which is being developed in Santiago de Compostela, will provide tools, resources, and support to 24 people actively searching for employment and 46 people employed in a job in an ordinary company who are in the maintenance and support phase. in the position.

As a result of the project, is expected to improve family participation and involvement in the service, improve collaboration, and raise awareness of the business sector, both public and private, for the benefit of people with disabilities and success in the incorporation or maintenance of the person in the company through a job coach.

Over 12 million euros were invested in social initiatives

Iberdrola, through the Fundación Iberdrola España Social Program, has allocated more than 12 million euros to social initiatives in the country and helped a total of 414,546 people. Since the launch of this Plan in 2010, the company has promoted more than 500 projects in collaboration with more than a hundred social entities, contributing to the fight against child poverty, school support, and the social insertion of children, young people, and women. in a vulnerable situation. The Social Program has allowed the creation of 1,830 jobs and the participation of 8,538 volunteers.

Fundación Iberdrola España also focuses its activities on its scholarship program in the fields of energy, biodiversity, and the environment, supporting research on topics related to energy and climate change, as well as in the cultural field, focusing on the restoration and maintenance of the cultural and artistic riches of the heritage of the Iberian Peninsula.