Fundación Iberdrola España has completed work on the roof of the church of San Martín de Tours in Salamanca (Spain), aimed at guaranteeing the safety and stability of the building.

The intervention is part of the Atlantic Romanesque Plan, a cross-border cooperation and public-private partnership project between Spain and Portugal to conserve, restore and enhance the cultural heritage of the provinces of Zamora and Salamanca and the border regions of Porto, Vila Real and Bragança, in Portugal.

The work, which began at the end of 2019, has focused on the roof of this 12th century temple, modifying the support points to better redistribute its weight. The monitoring of the building is also being maintained to facilitate its conservation, and the project for the restoration and lighting of the interior of the church, which will be carried out in the next phase, has been presented.

The intervention on the roof is in addition to those carried out since 2015 on this monument as part of the Atlantic Romanesque Plan, with a total investment of 356,000 euros.

Iberdrola, with the promotion of art and culture

One of Iberdrola’s main areas of action, through its foundation in Spain, focuses on the care, conservation and enhancement of historical and artistic wealth. The main objective of the Lighting Programme is to develop interventions in unique buildings to install or improve their interior and/or exterior lighting systems in order to contribute to the enhancement of historical and artistic heritage.

Since 2011, the volume of investment allocated to the Lighting Programme has amounted to more than 3 million euros and has led to the improvement of more than 40 monuments in Spain, including the historic Roman Bridge of Alcántara, in Cáceres; the façade of the Congress of Deputies, in Madrid; the Cathedral of Ávila, or the interior of the New Cathedral of Salamanca.