Alliances with Social Institutions

Alliances with Social Institutions

Fundación Iberdrola España has alliances with several leading social institutions.


Our alliances with leading social institutions enable us to carry out social projects.

You will find information about some of the significant agreements we have entered into in recent years to carry out our cooperation and solidarity programmes below:

  • CERMI: the purpose of this collaboration is to support the CERMIMÚSICA concert seasons for people with physical and intellectual disabilities.
  • Fundación Alcándara: the goal is to assist people in distress, particularly those in the grip of drug addiction and other types of substance abuse.
  • Fundación GIZKAIA (Proyecto Hombre Bizkaia): we carry out programmes and preventive projects, to improve the employability and integration of people with drug addiction.
  • The Spanish Red Cross: we help to care for the most vulnerable people and sectors of society.